Mind-Body-Spirit Connection with Eating

Too often we divorce ourselves from food and eating.

We may numb through eating or disengage with our fullness signals while watching television. We might ignore our hunger signs until we find ourselves grabbing the first thing we see to eat whether we really want it or not. Sometimes we eat foods without regard for how they feel in our body.  We might eat to placate our uncomfortable emotions.

It doesn’t have to be like that.  There is a way to enjoy our food and ourselves.

Experience the mind-body-spirit connection in action – I call the Energetics of Eating™ – and how it can positively affect our choices in foods and amounts we eat.  The Energetics of Eating™ is the powerful and empowered connection created when we embrace how our mind, body, and spirit work together … especially in the realm of eating.

Intuitive and Mindful Eating re-kindles our experience with food and re-unites us with our body.  It brings us back to a place where food and eating weren’t mindful activities (or obsessed behaviors) but were fun, easy and natural.  Because too often, we lose not only the experience and joy of eatingwe had when we were younger, we also lose the reverence for food.  How often are we aware of, and appreciate our foods’ source, origin, and the people who tended to its’ maturation and the processes it went through to get to our table?

Ingesting food with loving intention can leave us with a peaceful feeling, a great sense of satisfaction, fulfillment, pleasure, and a way to restore healthful and mindful eating.

To look at where your relationship with food is resting, take the Quiz below.

Intuitive Eating

Using the Science of Intuition, Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine to Activate Healthy Eating and Care of the Self

We can spend a lifetime cycling through one diet after another and never arrive at a place where we are happy with our eating habits or our body image.  That’s because diets don’t work.

No matter how many different calorie counting protein loading carb avoiding diets we try, we still end up back at the same place.  Often, we feel worse about ourselves when the diet ends and the weight returns than we did before we started.

But there is a way to re-discover and restore our innate ability to self-regulate eating and nutrition while stepping into a place of greater peace with our bodies.

This comes from growing our ability to discern between Physical Hunger and Symbolic Hunger.

Eating intuitively taps into an inner knowing of what, when, and how much to eat for your individual needs at any given time, without conscious reasoning or advance knowledge.  It removes the need for an artificial diet plan that doesn’t work  and isn’t tailored to any one person.

Instead, eating intuitively transforms dieting into inner wisdom and guidance. The body always knows what it needs for nourishment; however, these signals can get out of sync, and we may lose our ability to tune into the body, and rely more on what others say we should eat or not eat.

By slowing down to stop and listen – and with the help that Intuitive Eating provides, the body’s messages can become quite clear. See Intuitive Eating links below for more in depth discussion of intuitive nutrition and the intuitive eating process.